Coaching & Training


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How can coaching help?

My passion and skill is to help people connect with and realise their potential, in order to increase impact and satisfaction. I enable people to find and connect with what makes their heart sing, what gives them joy and energy in their work, and get clarity about their passion and purpose. I help people and teams get from where they are to where they want to be. I work with them to find constructive and motivating ways to handle challenges and obstacles. In doing this, I see my role as holding my clients to be naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, helping them to figure out the best solutions and actions.

What do you bring?

 With additional qualifications in outdoor guiding, I have for over 10 years incorporated experiential learning, the use of geography, kinesthetic role play, sustainability, perspectives and holistic systems thinking into my training and coaching work. This often includes individual and group work in wild and beautiful environments, where the relational interplay between creativity, possibility and practicality can flourish. This element is particularly helpful for strategic planning, goal setting, and group coaching. 

Who do you Coach?

  • International, Expatriate, Professional Individual Clients
  • CEOs, Business Owners, Leaders and Teams within the SME sector creative industries
  • United Nations and Humanitarian / Development / Fundraising Non-Profit leaders and teams.

What are your Coaching Qualifications?

  • Holds fully qualified Associate Certified Coach status with the International Coach Federation (ICF ACC)
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, awarded CPCC status by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI CPCC)
  • Full member of the International Coach Federation Global
  • Full member of the International Coach Federation Swiss Chapter
  • Additionally:
    • Holds post-graduate certificate in International Education. (Durham, PGCEi)
    • Holds leadership and coaching qualifications in the outdoor context

Coaching Principles

Each of us has a unique set of talents, qualities, abilities, values and experiences.

At our best, each of us can make a tremendous, meaningful impact through our work that gives real fulfilment and balance, and a life of ongoing growth and development. Too often however, our best sits – dormant – as unexpressed potential. We have not found ways that work for us to consistently realise our own potential. We can feel this in many ways; as frustration with ourselves or others, an unidentified ‘gap’ between where we are and where we want to be, or fear about how to achieve our goals.

The role of the coach

As a change agent, I work alongside clients and teams to support, challenge, be a sounding board, and hold them accountable as they move forward. As coach, I take a structured approach that is down to earth, enthusiastic, warm, probing, empowering, listening, and confidence building.

I have delivered coaching and training, focussing on empowerment to creative teams and leaders, both in the SME sector, and in the humanitarian / international development area, advising the United Nations and Non-Profits.

How are Sessions Conducted?

Coaching delivery is bespoke, designed with each client at the start of the coaching relationship.  Sessions can be conducted over the phone, or in person.  Face to face coaching can be arranged at the offices of Fieldsend Coaching, which is equipped with individual meeting rooms, and a boardroom, and is situated in the heart of the international area of Geneva. Alternatively, meetings can be held at client offices, or a mutually convenient location.

Session frequency is again tailored to each client. Following a 1-2 hour initial design session, the most common format for individual professional coaching is for 3 sessions per month, of 45-60 minutes duration. Team and corporate clients will normally adjust this to fit specific requirements.

The structure of the coaching alliance is designed from the outset to best suit the particular qualities of clients. My coaching process uses a combination of being and doing, action and learning as a dynamic, clear, structured path to achieving goals.